Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Building the future?

From a botanical perspective Bamboo is a giant grass. It is harder than oak in lignified state. But through his simultaneous flexibility and elasticity bamboo is now in this country among architects, designers and furniture makers as a highly exciting material. The rapidly growing plant but also as a beacon of hope for many who are interested in protecting the environment.

In just five years time, a bamboo root growth has already reached a considerable strength. Some kinds do up to 50 centimeters a day in the air. Therefore, the super grass is considered the fastest-renewable resource on earth. From an ecological bamboo is so environmentally friendly alternative to tropical timber.
Bamboo is on all continents except Europe and Antarctica home. In Colombia, Thailand and Indonesia, for example, were built over centuries, houses and even entire cities made ​​of bamboo. Bridge structures made ​​of bamboo with a wingspan of 50 meters in length are not uncommon in South America. Within the last five years, the demand for bamboo products in Germany has risen sharply.
Especially in the course of the lifestyle boom and by the growing influence of Asian cultures, the popularity of the material in this country has increased enormously. So it is hardly surprising that bamboo today in almost all areas of life finds.
Cartier, for example, weaves a bamboo in gold and the German fashion designer Willy Bogner manufactures skis from the robust material. Even the cosmetics industry praises bamboo in the highest terms. These are the sugars and silica in the bamboo leaves, which protects our skin from wrinkles. Any friend of Asian cuisine also know that bamboo is also on the plate.
For the construction industry and the furniture industry, it is the lignin, the bamboo as a material so attractive. Lignin is responsible for the strength and robustness: The hardness of bamboo, measured in Brinell (HB), is higher by about 25 percent than in beech. This can be made ​​extremely light construction materials or furniture with very slender cross-section.

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